2 Pocket Vape Beginner Kits For The Public Vaper On The Move

Do you have issues fitting your vape mod in your pocket when you are out on Saturday night? If the reply is yes then have a closer look at 2 of the greatest pocket vape starter packages from Vaptio, the C-II Pen and the P-1 Mini.

The Vaptio P-1 Mini Pocket Vape Kit

If you value the P-1 you’ll take pleasure in the P-1 Mini. Created for the public vape consumer on the road this pocket sized vape mod packs a powerful punch.

On primary glance it could appear tiny, but avoid being fooled by its size. When it comes to both smoke cigarettes and flavor it provides just like its your government and I;m not the only person who thinks so.

In his recent evaluate, vaping guru and senior Vaping Underground moderator Markw4mms describes both flavor and cloud output of the P-1 Mini the following:

“ Ok, just how does this little gem vape, one phrase comes to brain, wonderfully! I’m astonished at the product quality if the vape I obtain out of this tiny set-up. Flavor is great, even though you won’t ever gain a cloud competition with it, this little tank makes some actually good clouds when vaping at 40-50 watts. “

What’s Exceptional About The P-1 Mini Pocket Vaporizer

Compliance and Safety

The Vaptio p-1 Mini like all Vaptio vaping products is designed to be TDP (tobacco Goods Directive) compliant. .Made by the technology partner, China Initial Union, (among the oldest and most respected e-cigarette and vape manufacturers and low cost suppliers), you can rest assured that this product exceeds all quality and safety requirements. Actually it comes jam packed with a host of safety features including .

Leak Proof Design

The most important consideration in virtually any pocket vape purchase is leakage. The last thing you will need on a night out or a vacation to the mall is usually a pocket or purse filled with sticky e-juice. At Vaptio we satisfaction ourselves on our leak evidence design technology.

Definitely we don’t expect you to have our word for this. Both Sophie Vapes and markw4mms commented on no leakage Some tips about what markw4mms experienced to state about the P-1 Mini about leakage:

“One other element that I’ve noticed is the tank is totally leak free as mentioned, not at all of weeping or perhaps condensation possesses been noted after vaping 10 in addition tanks since I got it. I eliminated the tank and underneath of it, and top of the mod happen to be dried out as a bone. I believe Vaptio did a great job in building a leak no cost bottom airflow tank.”

Tech Material

This tiny, super lightweight vape is constructed using zinc alloy so that it is tough as nails and that means you have nothing to fear about those accidental droppages.In addition, it includes a stylish, carbon fibre appliqué finish off that provides it a tidy, sharp look and will come in 3 cool colors black, red and silver.

According to best YouTube vape reviewer Sophie Vapes (148 000 YouTube channel clients) the P-1 Mini performed perfectly through her drop check. You can watch her video review below.

Pocket Stealth

The P-1 Mini has been made to fit snugly in your pocket. Actually the total height of the container and mod along is simply 108mm.. With this small size, the product quality build, using very strong, but lightweight elements and Vaptio’s leak proof technology the P-1 Mini really hits the mark as a perfect pocket vape for anybody wanting to travel light.

Here is what major reviewer vapingpogonophile got to state about the P-1 Mini;s pocket size and excess fat.

“ This device is tiny, but so well designed that it sits in my own hand a delicacy and slides in and out of my pocket a delicacy. I don’t even know I possess it in my own pocket. “

Easy Load and Great Flavor

Arguably probably the most outstanding top features of this mini vape kit could it be;s simplicity and great flavour. Whether you’re a novice vaper looking for an ideal starter kit or an individual just looking to put in a pocket vape to your system collection, the P-1 Mini;s top fill tank not only may make refilling on the road a breeze it packs great taste.

The tank, fitted with Vaptio’s SMOOTHTec taste technology,is as easy to fill as 1,2,3, Open up the lid,fill it to the max series and close the lid and you’re prepared to vape. Just how;s the flavor?

All of the leading reviewers sited in this posting were really surprised with the fantastic taste from such a tiny vape kit. Here is an instant recap of their phrases.

“I’m impressed at the product quality if the vape We get out of this tiny set-up. Flavour is excellent:- ,markw4mms VapingUnderground

“Everything works just how it should flavors very good. vapor production is great” -Sophie Vapes

“The flavour is on level and the vapor development is fantastic too. I must say i can’t fault it” -Vapingpogonophile

But instead of take their expression for it, you will want to try for yourself. In what of Vaping Underground “Just get one, you won’t regret it”.

The Vaptio C-11 Vape Pen Pocket Vape Kit

If the pocket sized P-1 Mini isn’t your cup of tea and you like the look and feel of a pen mod with a slightly bigger tank,i quickly highly recommend you check out the Vaptio C-11 Pen Pocket vape kit.

Like its sister the P-1 Mini the C-11 is jam filled with a host of safeness features including, leak evidence technology and auto off, a 4ml, top fill, sub ohm tank, highly compatible coils, and intelligent output to increase your battery life while on the highway.

So what’s the difference?. While they are both superb accomplishing vape mods the C-11 is somewhat bigger and more manly compared to the P-1. For a full breakdown of the C-11 pen have a look at my article:” 9 top features of an ideal pocket vape package” or browse the review video recording below from Richard Vick avid vape reviewer and co-host of the perfect ohm show and Allow;s Vape podcast.

Final Words on 2 of the Best Pocket Vape Kits

So there you own it, the Vaptio C-11 and P-1 Mini are arguably two of the greatest quality, leak proof pocket vape kits on the market today but the best benefit is they are the two highly affordable.

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