4 Reasons that Pod Mods over Vape Mods

How are pod systems in comparison to traditional types of vaping device?

For a long time, e-cigarettes kept getting bigger and bigger. From cigalikes to vape pens, to tube mods, and then box mods. Reason for this is simple: you can vape for longer without charging and put out bigger clouds with bigger devices. Later, pod systems changed the game. Managing to be portable, simple and satisfying, in some ways they’re the modern equivalent to cigalikes. However, many people are not familiar with the lingo and the difference between vape mods and pod mods.

As the name suggests, pod systems are e-cigarettes that make use of a “pod” as opposed to a traditional tank or atomizer. They ultimately do the same job: hold the e-liquid and vaporize it to deliver vapor through the mouthpiece. They often have a smaller capacity than most tanks, at between 1 and 2 ml, although some pods are bigger. The pods simply push into place in the top of the device and pull out when you’ve emptied them or want to switch flavors.

Another thing that sets the two vaporizers apart is who actually uses them: Pod mods are popular with people that want a simple, easy to use device (e.g. former smokers) while vape mods are used by enthusiasts (cloud chasers, tricksters, etc.).

So why might you want to try a pod system e-cigarette? What are the benefits brought by the new vaping technology? How are pod systems in comparison to traditional types of vaping device?

Here are some advantages of pod system:

Instant and Smooth Vape

The recent Golden Leaf Award winning technology goes to the innovative heating technology by FEELM which combines a metal film with a ceramic conductor. The metal film design creates an extraordinary broad heating surface that can intelligently apply the controlled temperature, which ensures instant vapor production and true flavor. The 0.1mm diameter cellular pinhole of the ceramic coil can heat and vaporize the E-liquid consistently and sufficiently, from the first to the last puff.

Leak-Proof and Spitting-Free

A good Pod System effectively avoid leakage or spitting. Again, we take FEELM Pod System as an example. It uses an advanced structure and heating film design, drives in a completely sealed assembly, preventing the E-liquid from dripping or leaking more effectively. The liquid spitting

Compact Design

If you’re going to be vaping outdoor a lot, the pod system would be more suitable for you. Many pod systems are ultra-portable, allowing for easy everyday carry, and its sharp and sleek design makes it comfortable both at home and outside.

Easy to use

The “pod” design makes pod system e-cigarettes easy to use. The pods simply pop in and out of the battery section, and many of them work just like a cigarette – all you need to do is inhale to vape.

Considering the benefits stated above, pod system device is a better choice over the vape mode, especially when you choose the products with high-end technology. If you decide to use a closed pod system device, the only concern might be not much flavors to choose from the manufacturer. But with new products coming to market, this won’t be a big issue.