How To Attract More Vape Shop Customers

Whether you’re a low cost vape supplier, offline vape store or an online store understanding the your vape customer’s buying decision trip will really help you create a vape business online marketing strategy that attracts more buyers.

Today we explore the vape clients journey and how to align your advertising to the demands of customers in different levels of the ordering decision.

We’re also likely to show you how exactly to use the facts you gathered about your potential customers from your own vape personas to develop the precise content your vape buyers are seeking at each stage of their buying trip.

So lets get started.

Exactly what is a buyer’s Journey?

A buyer’s journey may be the active research process a potential purchaser goes through prior to making a purchase decision.

Understanding your customer personas as well as your buyers journey is crucial to the development of your content online marketing strategy. Contemporary purchasing decisions carry out a three stage process, awareness, factor and decision. So this means that certain types of articles are more highly relevant to buyers at different levels of their journey.

While some people will be ready to obtain you today, the majority are looking around, but others are someplace in the middle, comparing your company’s product or service with your top three or four 4 competitors. The main element to an effective vape marketing strategy is definitely to possess educational content that attracts people at all levels of the buying process.

Let’s take a more descriptive look at each one of the three stages.

The 3 Levels of The Vape Customers Investing in Journey

To win the present day marketer needs to build relationships prospects as early as possible and create articles that aligns with each one of the stages of the clients journey. Statistics exhibit that 70% of a buyers journey is full before they ever reach out or talk to sales


In the awareness level your vaping prospect isn’t seeking for your company or a particular vape kit. Alternatively they happen to be conducting generic keyword queries looking for answers to problems and exploring what choices are available to them.

For 72% of buyers, they’ll turn to Google. In this early on section of the awareness stage buyers are often looking for educational components, customer assessments and testimonials.

Your content should concentrate on your visitors pain details (as outlined in your personas) not on your service or product. Example issues for a vape business first-time retail customer could incorporate:

  • What is vaping?
  • Is vaping safe?
  • Can vaping help me stop smoking?
  • What’s is a vape starter package?

The goal of this sort of content is never to only attract possible customers at the start of their buying journey but to also start building rapport and trust by positioning your vape business as an educated and trusted way to obtain information for the beginning vape user.

As buyers approach deeper to their awareness research they will begin to gravitate even more to businesses that solution their questions and start eliminating suppliers who don’t provide the types of facts they want for.


In the consideration stage your prospective vape customer is looking for more detailed and specific information. Through the Consideration stage, clients have clearly defined the target or challenge and also have focused on addressing it. They measure the solutions open to pursue the target or fix their challenge.

For a vape businesses and retailers key content marketing subject areas for a fresh vape user could incorporate:

  • What’s the best vape starter kit for a quitting smoker?
  • How to pick your initial vape starter kit?
  • 9 Key features of an ideal pocket vape kit


In the decision level your prospect has chosen the solution and is currently conducting final study to generate a decision. This generally involves conducting direct merchandise comparisons and reading customer reviews.

It is in your choice stage that prospective customers are likely to reach out to vape business retailers to discuss product options.

The Wrap Up

It goes without saying that in today’s marketing world content is king. The modern buyer’s trip has changed and to achieve success vape businesses have to align their marketing to how contemporary buying decisions are created.

To help you on your own marketing journey make sure you go through the banner below and download our free of charge vape business personas guideline and template.

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