Wall Crawler 80W Vape Package Performs for Cloud Chasers

So you’re searching for a trusted new vape system. You’re buying compact but powerful vape that not merely packs a flavorful punch of heavy vapor with every puff, but a vape system that also offers you the energy to fool around and explore the environment of cloud chasing.

Does this appear to be you? If so continue reading because we’re about to bring in you to the new Wall Crawler 80W - it’s a pocket sized beast that’s up for the task and we will prove it.

Introducing The Wall structure Crawler 80W Vape Kit

OK so rather than going into great aspect describing each of the features of the Wall structure Crawler we thought you’d be much more interested if instead we showed you how it performs.

As I’m not a cloud chasing vaper, (as an ex-smoker I actually prefer a pod type vape like Vaptio’s C-Flat.) we made a decision to bring about cloud chaser kyleevapes to show that when it comes to an out of your box cloud chasing kit the Wall structure Crawler’s got the energy to create those vape clouds you’re looking for.

So browse the cool little cloud chasing trick video below to see the Wall structure Crawler 80W doing his thing.

What’s The Wall Crawler?

So right now you’ve seen it doing his thing lets take a quick consider the key specs of the compact new vape system.

The Wall structure Crawler is a light weight,compact and stealthy piece of vaping technology that fits best in your pocket. An ideal on the go vape kit, it’s simply 73mm huge and 53 mm wide but delivers at up to 80W.

The Wall Crawler is our first new vape to hire our Supercharger Technology.

What’s Supercharger? Supercharger technology is normally a new, extremely speedy heat that aims to provide an instantaneous big vape hit packed filled with flavor. Supercharger delivers tremendous torque and vapor in only 0.005 of another each and every time the fire key is pressed. The result - instant big and tasteful vapor.

Add to our supercharger technology the opportunity to totally customize your vaping encounter and there is a powerful little vape.

The Wall structure Crawler pocket vape includes Wattage / temperature curve mod (CCW /CCT curves), making both wattage and temperature fully controllable.

For anybody looking to experiment with cloud chasing or simply searching for an enormous vape hit the Wall structure Crawler can meet you needs. With an 80W maximum result and under bypass method the Wall Crawler supports only 0.05 ohm level of resistance clearing just how for a complete throttle experience.

But we don’t wish you to have our word for this so i want to introduce you to IndoorSmokers among YouTube’s best vape kit reviewers. With over 500 000 clients to his channel he knows vapes.

Final Words

The Wall Crawler vape kit is currently available and comes fully packed with the selection of two powerful sub ohm vape tanks. The favorite Frogman container or Vaptio’s new quickly coil change container, the Throne.

The Wall structure Crawler, Frogman Container vape kit combo is highly affordable. It retails for simply $59.99 and is arguably one of the better sub ohm vape beginner kits in this cost range.

For those of you looking for a supplementary kick addititionally there is the Wall Crawler/Throne Tank combo. Slightly more costly but still great value for money, For a supplementary $15 you can update your vape kit bundle to include the brand new Throne tank and revel in the added convenience of Vaptio’s new, very fast two step coil transformation.

Alternatively, if you currently have a great sub ohm tank and are buying a pocket sized vape kit for those days or evenings away with friends the Wall structure Crawler Modmakes an ideal addition to your vape mod collection. Small in size with an extended battery life and very fast SuperCharger heating technology.

Just what exactly are you looking forward to, try the awesome power of the Wall Crawler today, we warranty you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Vaping !